Opened virtual exhibition dedicated to L. Tomašickis

This year marks 25 years since the death of the talented Latgale artist L. Tomašickis. To him is dedicated he virtual exhibition of Ludza Regional Studies Museum “Latgale – the love of my life”.



Commemoration of the victims of the 1941 deportations

On June 14, 2021, a commemoration event took place at the Ludza railway station, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the first mass deportations of 1941 that was organized by the Soviet Union after the occupation of Latvia.


Local people are invited to share memories

The year 2021 has been declared the European Railway Year in the European Union, therefore within the framework of this year’s European Cultural Heritage Days, Ludza Regional Studies Museum will be collecting materials about the East Latgale railway lines, which will result in a traveling exhibition. We invite locals to share their memories. Museum would also be happy to purchase materials (photographs, documents, objects) related to the operation of the railway in our region.

Contact phone for questions: 65723931, e-mail:

Administration of Ludza Regional Studies Museum

Под белым крылом ангела


С 18 декабря 2020 года в Лудзенском краеведческом музее будет открыта выставка фигурок ангелов из коллекции Инты Терентьевой — «Посланцы любви и света».


G. Tolordava exhibition

From September 18, 2020, G. Tolordava’s solo exhibition “At the mercy of the Sun and Light” will be on display at the Ludza Regional Studies Museum.


Altar painting restored

Altar painting ‘Christ with a goblet’ was restored in the time period from 8.06.2017 to 6.06.2018. The painting was made in 1871, the author of it is unknown. The restoration works were lead by Zane Stikāne, the master restorer, and it was sponsored by VKKF and Ludza Lutheran community. Over the time the painting had been severely damaged, the bottom half almost completely torn off, it was pierced through, sliced, suffered from humidity, and the canvas itself became very fragile.