Museum collection

Ludza Museum of Regional Studies collects, keeps, studies, and promotes the cultural heritage of Eastern Latgale region, the variety and richness of its nature, the unique examples of the local architectural traditions, from the ancient times to the present days.

The museums’s collection gets replenished every year, acquiring on average up to 200 items. The collection grows by the help of donations and by the means of organized expeditions and purchases.

The museum’s collection is available at the thematic exhibitions and expositions during the museum’s work hours. The collection is the basis for the museum’s employees’ research work and publications, educational activities, it attracts visitors, promotes the district and city’s history. The part of the unexhibited stock is available in publications and during consultations. Resource materials can be used by visitors who conduct scientific research. In the open ceramic store, one can get acquainted with the works of ceramicists of the Latgale region.