Opened virtual exhibition dedicated to L. Tomašickis

This year marks 25 years since the death of the talented Latgale artist L. Tomašickis. To him is dedicated he virtual exhibition of Ludza Regional Studies Museum “Latgale – the love of my life”.


Born June 22, 1904 in Ludza. He studied at the Ludza gymnasium, received his first knowledge of art and the concept of drawing from the teacher A. Gudelis-Gudlevskis, who advised him to attend the Latvian Academy of Arts, where he began studies in 1926. In his youth, L. Tomašickis lost his right arm and therefore was inclined to work with small sculptures – medals, statuettes, portraits of famous people, and low reliefs. He also worked on oil paintings, painted charcoal portraits of artists and actors. In all genres he adhered to realism and the academic tradition. In his works, he attached great importance to mood, characteristics of people and emotional charge.

In 1929 he began work on the Ludza Statue of the Virgin Mary. Participated in a competition to develop a sketch of the statue of the Liberation, and in 1934 received the main prize for it. Based on the sketch by L. Tomašickis, the statue “Vienoti Latvijai” or “Latgales Māra”, installed in Rēzekne, was later created by the sculptor K. Jansons. In the 1930s he took an active part in the activities of Latgale artists.

After graduating from the academy, L. Tomašickis worked as an art teacher at the Aglona gymnasium until 1947. From 1947 to 1953 he worked as a teacher at the Daugavpils Art School (Saules skola), and from 1953 at the Riga School of Applied Arts, continuing to teach even after retiring.

Shortly before his death, on January 22, 1966, L. Tomašickis was awarded the Order of the Three Stars. The sculptor died on February 27, 1966 and was buried in Riga.

1928.gada izlaidums Ludzā, LdNM_12346
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