Book published: Ludza Regional Studies Museum Turns 100

Celebrating both Latvia and Ludza Regional Studies Museum’s centenery jubilee, the Museum decided to publish a book: Ludza Regional Studies Museum Turns 100. On its 146 pages the book provides lavishly illustrated information about the museum’s 100 years history, development, major changes , introducing the reader to the museum’s working methods and ways. To liven up the historical facts, the text is peppered with exciting stories about the everyday museum life.

The stories are enrinched with photos that show the reader the museum’s exhibitions, events, and the most important changes and developments, as well as all the amazing people working for and with the museum. The authors of the book are the museum’s workers: Milāna Bule, Iveta Matvejenko, Aina Loseviča, Valērijs Dzevaltovskis, Jūlija Supova, Andris Misāns and Rita Kučāne.