G. Misane-Zalite exhibition opening

As a part of Ludza City Day celebration, on August 10th 2019, an art exhibition of Gunita Misane-Zalite artworks was opened.
Gunita was born in Plavinas, but feels a strong connection to Ludza, as her father and her husband come from the area.
Looking at her works, we see a woman in them, a woman who is a mother, as she has painted her works with her daughter Amanda, we see a woman who is a wife, as her painting were skilfully framed by her husband, we also see a woman who loves the nature of Latgale, as many of her paintings depict the view from the window of her workshop located in Rezekne district.
Gunita has attended Latgale branch of Latvia Academy of Arts, as well as Daugavpils University, acquiring an Art teacher profession. Right now Gunita teaches art to children in Adamova.
The visitors of the exhibition have a unique opportunity to look into Gunita’s artistic world.
“You have to understand that you are a part of the world. There are no strict boundaries between the world of humans and animal kingdom. There’s no ours and theirs, just cohabitation. We are one and the same,” says the artist.
In the paintings, we can see the artist’s soul. The palette she uses is subdued, calm and white, reflecting her introvert nature and the search for balance and the divine. Gunita’s art is in the same time deeply emotional, whether is is showing beautiful quiet landscapes or deeply impressing visitors with a huge painting depicting a line of attacking bulls.
The head of Ludza district E. Mekss wished the artist inspiration in creating her works and also wished the visitors a merry celebration of the City Day.