J.Lubka’s metal forgings exhibition “Torch” opens

On 21 June 2023, the first solo exhibition of J. Ļubka’s metalwork, “Torch”, opened at the Ludza Museum of Local History, where among the heavy and substantial works one can also see fine jewellery. The exhibition is accompanied by photographs reflecting the artist’s creative output.

In 1984, the Latvian Open-Air Museum hosted the first solo exhibition of Jānis Ļubkas. It was followed by many others, gaining popularity also outside Riga, both in his native Latgale region and elsewhere.

Jānis Ļubka has received many awards and honourable mentions for his significant contribution to the development of folk art, for his creative artistic achievements in metalwork and for preserving the pure sound of the Latvian string.

The event turned into a cordial reunion, as relatives, friends and admirers of his work from Ludza, Rogovka and even Cēsis came to congratulate the master on the opening of the pesonal exhibition. Valdis Maslovskis, Vice-Chairman of the Ludza Municipality, in his congratulatory words to the master, stressed that Janis is “the Diva’s apveļteits cylvāks. Jōņs jer muokslinīks, ī īīdis light na na not only sovā dzeivis way, but also cytim”. Milāna Bule, Director of the Ludza Museum of Local History, thanked the artist for opening the exhibition on such a significant date – the Latvian solstice – and, in honour of the ancient folk tradition, presented Jānis with festive cheese, beer and an oak wreath.

Līvija Plavinska, Head of the Nautrēnu Parish Administration, came to honour the artist. Līga Kondratoviča, Inese Vītoliņa, Jānis Vītoliņš and Jānis Keiselis, his former colleagues and friends from the days of the Folk Applied Art Studio “Zīle”, dedicated many warm words to the blacksmith.

Jānis Ļubka is one of the craftsmen about whom Līga Kondratė, the head of the Ludza Tourism Centre, says: “Jōņ is the head of the Ludzys Crafts Centre”. Em