A new exhibition in the Great Ludza Synagogue

From January 21, 2020, the new traveling exhibition “Cultural Bridges. Latvian Jews” will be available for the visitors in the Great Ludza Synagogue. The exhibition was created by association “Shamir” and Museum of the Riga Ghetto and Holocaust in Latvia, and is dedicated to the centenary of the Republic of Latvia.


The twenty posters of the exhibition tell the 450-year history of all Latvian Jews – from the time of the Duchy of Courland to the present day. The period of the first republic, from 1918 to 1940, is examined in particular detail: the contribution of Jews to the creation of the new state, Jews in culture, sports and science. Much attention is paid to World War II and the Holocaust. Before the war, more than 93,000 Jews lived in Latvia, and about 70,000 locals and 20,000 deportees from Western Europe died during the Holocaust. The exhibition also presents the Soviet period and the attempts to emigrate from the USSR, the acquisition of the Jewish tradition in the underground, as well as the latest pages of Latvian Jewish history.