History Exposition

The Museum’s Historical Exposition reflects the history of Ludza district from the most ancient times to 1917.


In the main exhibition you can find out more about the following topics:

  • Lifestyle of ancient hunters and fishermen on the banks of the Great Ludza Lake;
  • Manufacture of bone, flint and stone tools and their use in hunting and fishing;
  • Stone Age ceramic finds;
  • 7-13 th centuries Latgalian Cemeteries: Ludza Odukalns, Kivtu, Pildas, Ņukšu, Mērdzenes, Dzērves.
  • Ancient Latgalian jewellery, clothing and weapons.
  • Middle Ages in Ludza district;
  • Ludza district in the Russian Empire.

Neolithic settlement


12 th century woman’s burial imitation

Owl’s Brooch (Found in the 7th-12th Century Kivtu Graveyard)

12 th century woman’s dress imitation. After excavation materials in the Kivtu graveyard

Exposition “Middle Ages in Ludza district”

Every visitor can become a medieval knight or castle mistress.


Exposition “Ludza district in the Russian Empire”

Russian Empire Army Standard (1906)