Opening of O.Zvejsalnieks jubilee art exhibition

 O.Zvejsalnieks’ art exhibition “Mirkļa pieskāriens” (A touch of the moment) was opened on March 29, 2019. During the ceremony, the artist had admitted that he loves visiting Ludza where the environment for creating new works very pleasant. The artist said he never waits for some inner enlightenment or a feeling. He thinks that it’s only necessary to work, that is – if you see something you just stop and begin to paint.

Zvejsalnienks’ world is very colourful. His paintings are pretty different from the works of other Latgalian painters whose palette is normally subdued and calm. Zvejsalnieks doesn’t use browns and greys. If the sky is cloudy then it will be red or purple or bright yellow. The visitors, looking at the artist’s Latgale landscapes, were surprised by this explosion of colours that they don’t normally notice in their everyday life.

Ludza district Education, Culture, and Sport board methodologist K.Demko-Senkāne wished the artist new achievments in his creative work.

Folk ensemble “Sarmas zieds” had delighted the artist with a musical performance.