The Night of Museums 2019 event visited by more than 700 people

The night of museums is a traditional European event that happens in May when for one night museums open their doors, organising special events and allowing visitors for free.

In the spirit of Latvia’s centinery tale, the theme of the night this year was “Tālavas taurētājs” (Trumpeter of Tālava). Since in 2019 Latvia also celebrates the centinery of the War of Independence, museums were envited to recall both army leaders and those, whose weapons in the fight were a trumper and a word, a feather and a brush. Ludza museum chose our district’s hero, a real patriot of Latgale, excellent artist and poet  Antons Kūkojs, whose contribution to Ludza social and cultural life cannot be denied. He has founded Ludza J. Soikans’ art school and for many years worked as the head of it.

The Night began with the exhibiotion opening that not only presented  Kūkojs artworks but also offered to learn about the artist’s bography. The visitors could participate in a quiz made by the current head of  J. Soikans art school  Sandra Vorkale.  Antons Kūkojs’ son Vincents provided with a musical performance. Actress and teacher Elvīra Rimicāne told about her meeting with the artist and read some of his poems.

The visitors were also invited to watch a theater play ”Korespondents Grauds” performed by Salnava amateur theater. The auothor of the play –  Anna Danča. Her play’s colourful characters full of life and humour brought genuine smiles to the audence faces.

At night, the visitors could enjoy real Latagale rock music. The band, “Sovvaļnīks”, performed on the museum’s territory, the lyrics presenting  Kūkojs and Rancāne’s poems.

The younger visitors participated in creative workshops organized by J. Soikans’ art school and Ludza Library. Children could make colourful paper bags and try out Kūkojs’ unique painting style.

This year the even attracted a truly large audience. The museum is very grateful to everyone who chose to visit that night!